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In the prior mini essay,  I spoke of the larger picture,  the broader focus.  It was necessary for me to learn this practice because to see the immanent god,  the god within,  I had to be able to view humanity totally to be able to appreciate the individual.  As a result what I learned to do was to take the secular and marry it to the metaphysical and then to see the spiritual uniting all.  So this trinity I could understand.

Since I gave birth to three sons,  they were my first triumvirate, understood.  And they became inseparable in their unity.  Religions’ Father, Son and Holy Spirit has always been clouded for me.  The secular life,  and because my experience has included so much of the metaphysical,  with the spiritual which houses our divine self,  becomes an easily understood trinity and practiced part of life for me.

When starting the journey to the heart of oneself, one is never certain where  its path will take one.  There was no way I could foresee the place I would enter in my last quarter mile.  I could see its direction,  and because it has been a solitary journey,  I have my notes,  the poetry,  the scripts,  the journals.  And everything affirms the each,  even to the poetry where much has been a given.

In conversations with my philosopher-lawyer son before he transited, he marveled at the thought that I formed a philosophy to embrace my experiences and events.  He said I know you never had time to study the Great Books yet I watch as Aristotle, and Socrates evolve before me!  I think it has worked the other way.  That the philosophy has formed me,  and my experiences could only be explained within the philosophy.  I took  Jesus of Nazareth as my mentor and guide and one assumes a great responsibility when the cosmic consciousness becomes partner.  I have had good teachers.  I did more than knock.  I crashed the gates of heaven.

As our eldest has said of me that I even make vacuuming a spiritual exercise.  One sees every action, no matter size or emotional content attached  having an effect in or out of time  somewhere, whether it is life about us or worlds away in a universe unknown or unseen.  It is a hard way to live.  Try it for a day.  When Jesus said we are our brother’s keeper, he refrained from saying where.

The Muses Teach

Grasped within eternal concepts
are musings of the arch angels,
the gods in myriad forms,
the Teachers.

In like manner they reach out,
holding the vedas, the dictums,
to reach all parts of man.
Guaranteeing even him,
the lifeline to a reality which lingers.

Couched within commodious terms,
yet destined for the simplest creature,
it is with desperation,  spirit teaches.

Within the confines of the experience,
are acts designed with pupil in mind.
No avenue is without its lesson.
Hallowed, holy, each is destined

to perception, housed within
the limitless life, behind even,
the ghetto’s garbage.
For even within
the vividly apparent wealth,
poverty rides the impoverished spirit.

Meaningless acquisitions crowd
the confines of the empty mind,
deluding the empty house.

Liberation is even the squatter’s rights.

Sculpture by
Stanley Rybacki


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