The All is Essence. . .


Prayer To The Essence of The Great God

To the essence of the great and holy god,
we offer ourselves in our bounty and
in our sorrows.  We ask that we be
allowed to enter with all that we are
and all we hope we can be.

Let us lift our heads
to the glories of the day and
allow us always to see
the brightness that surrounds us.
Ask us  in our gratitude
that we look to serve those
less fortunate while always seeing
to those to whom we are committed.

Let us be wise in our choices
and sensitive in our feelings.
We ask in times of need and
in times of great gratitude
that we neglect no one in our care.

In all names we ask and
in all names we wholly, holy, blend.
Take us as we are,

for we are on our knees.  Amen and amen.

photo by
John Holmes

2 responses to “The All is Essence. . .”

  1. Its interesting Veronica, this speaks to how i feel in how to live a good life, but I’ve never thought of it in these terms. Gratitude, service, being true to myself, being thoughtful about my life, and surrender. I’ve never put them all together as a way of being.

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