Her Voice Will Be Heard. . .


I had intended to do a post on my blog this morning but after reading Maria Wulf’s post this morning on her blog, http://www.fullmoonfiberart.com I am giving her space because her essay is well written and pertinent to our time.  For those women who are of recent years and have had no experience with sexism I can only say how fortunate you are.  But for those of us  especially of vintage years who were brought up with mothers who were revered because of the number of sons they bore and dismissed the daughters born by them,  this essay speaks loudly and with despairing truthfulness.

That the old boys’ network flourished during my lifetime is without question.  That there were those few whose self esteem would not allow this subjugation was apparent and envied. But that the old thinking is still prevalent even in the present generation of women is appalling.   The following incident happened in the emergency room of a local clinic where I waited with a relative.  A young girl of ten or eleven was in tears waiting to have a cast put on her broken leg.  A boy had tripped her she was telling the nurse.  Oh, the nurse said, he must really like you.  He would not have tripped you if he did not like you!   Before I could gather my wits about me, she was wheeled out and I have regretted not following up with names.  Any wonder that persons of abusive behavior feel at fault?

Please read Maria’s  http://fullmoonfiberart.comAt least half of the world can relate to this essay.



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  1. e mail from Suzanne .. . My blood’s boiling, Veronica! Even in today’s age, to hear that lame excuse that perpetuates the male gender’s bad behavior, makes me want to yell!

    The young women of today may be far removed from the degree of sexism that you and I had to witness, and that’s a positive thing. But they should take time to look at its history, and pay SOME honor to the warriors whose shoulders they stand on today!

    Thanks for shining your light!


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  2. Your story got my heart racing again. It’s strange how when I read your story of the girl with the broken leg, it was so familiar yet something I hadn’t thought of in years. It’s a perversion of reality. Thank you for writing this.

  3. Maria, never one to think on my feet, I am left speechless by what is seen and heard. Do people not hear what it is they say? I wonder.

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