How To Do It. . . .



You ask. . .

On focusing, your thoughts, your words. . .
how do you do it?

I say. . .

I barrel down into my center and listen
with my inner ear and hear what my heart says.
It is within me that I have my world.
This is what and where I am at home.
And this is not something that can
be taught.  It is how the twig is bent.
And what world we appear in is where
we do our work.

You say. .

You listen to your heart.
How does a heart speak?

I say. . .

there is a murmur within that tells
you things and it is with the heart
that one moves.  The heart is the
largest area of emotional and profound
truth.  I can see where the child
who is maimed right from the beginning
and embarrassed because of his openness,
can dismiss this avenue and close it up.

And the world suffers and evolution
is held up and we have one who is in trouble.
It is always the children with me.
I would protect them.  The sophisticates
I would tongue lash and say grow up.
Stop using childish tactics to be cute.
When you have an old face and
childish mannerisms, you are not cute.

Cute is for under 5 years old.

Artwork by
Claudia Hallissey

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