Bless The Experience. . .



I needed the lesson and this blessed essay was a given.  It has found readers needing the comfort and direction as I did and that I can share this again  and bring comfort to others is where the blessing continues to be given.  We can remember the pain of the negative experience but we no longer need feel the impact.  It is blunted in time.  But not to hang onto it is what is important.  One cannot help remembering the injury but one need not feel the pain each time.  Time helps with that.

Bless The Experience

I learned something today.  I learned to ‘bless
the experience’.  For if the experience has been
a negative one, has left me with a hurt so deep,
has filled me with anger, then I must bless it.
For in the blessing I remove its power to hurt
me again.  I leave it impotent, unable.  I’ve
taken the wind  out of its sails and there it sits,
blessed for the teaching, but unable to wield
power over me again.

If the experience is a positive one, I bless it.
In like manner, it will remain powerful and
upon recall, able to confer its goodness time
and again.  In my thinking  happily on it, I
will automatically bless it again.

Life is a blessed experience, all of it.  Bless
it generously and gratefully.  It teaches us
magnificently and impartially.  These are the
magic words.  For in the unhappy experience
we are taught swiftly and surely and must
bless the lesson.  In the happier one our
pleasurable memory is our reward.  In blessing
all of it, we make our truce with life and secure
our place in it forever.


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