The Laws of Compensation. . .


Too late I learn
life holds the sharpest knife.
Cutting the loaf accordingly
and with compassion

passes the butter.

The Laws of Compensation do prevail and it is a lesson most do not like to think about.  Retribution for whatever deeds is a commonplace happening but there will always be those who think the die is not cast by them.  That the intricacies of complex living seem too diverse and too extraordinary casts the attitude that all is coincidence.  But it is not.  It is not.

For every action there is an inaction and a reaction.  Which are one and the same.  An inaction is a decided action in zeroes.  For this there will always be the game of chance being played and the players think they will escape the consequences.  But in time, their time, there is a reactive legislation that prevails.  And no thing goes forgotten.

It is written in the wind, so to speak.  And Nature will have her day.  Always.  Life will have its totality.  Always.  What is sown is also reaped.  People understand this only in the most banal terms.  But all those precepts are ideas of long standing and have come to their own fruition. Listen well to them.  Cliches are true and have a substance leaking energies which do not dissipate until satisfied.

photo by
John Hallissey

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  1. Suzanne, one lives long enough and soon one realizes there is no such thing as coincidence. It is a matter of balance and consequence. Life does not forget. We might like to. Life does not.

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