A Blessed World. . .


With  my life long  lack of physical prowess  ,  it is with  despair  I faced  getting  from  one place to another .  Long  plane rides  always had me looking   for either a pharmacy   or a doctor  .   It was not fun.

Even as  old as I am, recuperation from a journey takes a long time.  While  I sit and write, my body cooperates .  So it was  with  joy  I punched a few keys to find that I can post on my small  tablet and even access  my media library.  Modern technology?  Large miracle for me!  Made me feel  like a genius!

I only traveled with one steno notebook  because  of limited baggage.  I have  found some things I wish to share  while I wait for my sons  to do what they consider  necessary  this week.  I overheard one of them explain their talents in construction  work because  they were encouraged  to build and practise while growing  up.

Never was there large  areas for this  but they were never restricted  other than by our insistence  on reading , learning  and safety cautions  with power tools .  Safety  rules  were a must.  Then go to it.

My sons  are good teachers.  My grands abide by the same rules according to their talents.  It is  with  joy I see this.

I am with my granddaughter  for the next few days and I will post when I come across something  I wish to share .  It is a time of recouping as well as  reading family sagas .  Easy to do on my tablet.  Hitting  the floor with excitement  as  I remember  doing  is in my memory bank .  As  I am cautioned  time and again, establish myself before that first step.  Else I go airborne  across the room!

It is still my blessed world.  The best of all worlds.  It is with interest that  we  are  watched.  Our behavior determines much.  I pray   that it  says what  is good about  us.


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