With Peace As Natural As Breath To Us. . . .

From my heart to yours,  I send my Christmas message.  In this holiest of seasons, where the desire for peace nudges all hearts no matter their persuasion,  let us give way to these highest and best of all emotions and act upon them.  By acting upon them until they are second nature to us,  in time they will be what they were meant to be;  peace as natural as breath to life.  Blessings,  Veronica

2 responses to “With Peace As Natural As Breath To Us. . . .”

  1. Veronica, what a beautiful “I singed..” story, It is a lovely memory and warmed my Heart. Like you do.
    I am glad you are doing better, Much love to you and yours,

  2. What a beautiful idea Veronica. I’ll be thinking about and trying to act on it this coming year. The very best to you. Love Maria

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