An Advanced Form Of Thinking. . .


An Advanced Form Of Thinking. . .

When the doctor stood at the door of the ward and worried and mourned the death of the newborns and their mothers,  he observed the young doctors moving from one bed to another.  He noted also they only wiped detritus from their hands with a dirty rag.  Could they be carrying something from one to the other?  And he instituted the washing of hands between patients.  And the babies stopped dying and so did their mothers.

He connected the dots.  He worried long and hard enough and came to conclusions.  Not all persons know enough to worry.  Worry is an advanced form of thinking.  It is impossible for some people because they simply do not know enough to see cause and effect.  Some see only their own position in a problem and do not know how to encircle the problem.  To achieve a rounded out human being who understands the fuller picture,  we have to introduce more levels of experience, which is a reason some know more and hence the worrier.

When this planet, our Earth, is called a classroom of high order,  it is because it is of advanced education, and has advanced classes.  One crisis after another is chosen to further our advancement of more chosen work.  When we complete a class,  we move on to another.  Not easy and we have the choicest planet.  It is with ultimate concern we who see the devastation of this natural classroom worry that future generations will not have it in their lifetimes.

It is with a sacred blush that we who have loved it to distraction ask that its inhabitants become worriers on purpose.  Study the behaviors that have led to these elements of crises before our beloved best school of thought is destroyed beyond repair.  Not everyone knows enough to worry.  Let us be the ones who are smart enough to do so.  And perhaps we who worry enough to do something,   will know that it is an advanced form of thinking that will save us all.

(excerpt from No Space To Grow Bread)

My Earth is in peril and
the classroom is in jeopardy.

There is no room and
our Earth is splitting its seams.
In good conscience,
no longer can we go forth and multiply.

There is no place and no space to grow bread.


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  1. e mail from Suzanne Tate. . . . The physician’s name was Ignatius Semmelweis. He had no way to prove his theory of spreading microbes being the cause of puerperal fever in childbirth, although he was proven correct long after his death.
    It is my belief he was driven mad by the unacceptance of his theory by his medical colleagues, and he slowly sank into his mental abyss.
    My heart broke when I first learned of him. It breaks still, to this day. How badly our species treats those who speak from a place of intuitive knowledge.
    ‘Twas ever thus….
    Thank you, Veronica, for your spot-on writings. You are a
    Light Being.

  2. Suzanne. I race to keep up with the high level of thinking that follows this blog. I am always grateful for approval to print my reader’s responses. Thank you for the details you supplied to augment my post. Another case of the teacher being so good that the lesson was remembered but the teacher ( the doctor) was forgotten. Veronica

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