We All Take The Journey. . . sometime. .



We All Take The Journey. . . sometime

When I approach a subject that some find uncomfortable, I am told bluntly, I don’t want to go there.  Some people simply find it untenable to think outside their comfort zone.

But we all will take the journey to the center of who we are at some time.  If we are in a relatively comfortable place,  in a relatively stable condition, now would be the time to do it.  The next place of habitation might not be so comfortable.  And there may not be a voice who will tell you that they have gone the route and have survived the sink holes.

I realize many take a dim view of things that do not match the qualities of mind I swim with.  We are given sufficient qualities to match who we are and what we attempt.  I have often beat the air with clenched fists shouting I don’t need another mountain to climb!  Do ye hear me?   And you will too.

And you will find that you qualify and are strengthened and will be grateful that you have proved that strength to your self.  You will be glad that there were others who survived the deep and find that you can too.

It Makes Little Difference

It makes little difference
the road you take to master this.
For to get to where you are,
the way makes no matter
but the destination is what
leaves its mark.

Centuries on the road
brought this to you, this awesome
view that struck your heart
to shatter it.

You went down on knees
too stiff to note the pain
but surely the heavens knew
the custom derived from it.

We cherish the journeyer,
the traveler, the one,
who found no words to match
the awe struck heart.

It makes little matter what touched
home in the trunks of the trees,
in the music of the wind
rising to the acapella, rising,
still rising to the onrushing tears.

We are home.  We are home
and nothing else matters,  other
than we set the bar for others to cross.
They will, but not until they know
that the pursuit begins in the heart. . .

and ends there.



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