When The Fir Tree Stood. . .

There will be those who question whether it is my memory of having lived a life or many during the formation of this Earth or whether it is genetic memory passed through the ages and lodged within my mind.  Or possibly a parallel life living in the capacious present since all time is simultaneous as the quantum people say and is happening now and mine to pick up.  Does it really matter?  What it has done to me in my life with my perspective is make me very aware of my behavior.  What I have not wanted was to cause painful memories for someone .  It is a hard way to live but it leaves fewer heartaches.   To pull your actions through your heart teaches you a lot about yourself.  Probably more than you wish to know as you head toward the exit gate.

When The Fir Tree Stood. . .

There was a time
when the fir tree stood
proud and tall and
with its essence could
make us drunk.

It was a fair country,
somewhere in that cold land
where only the hardy
lived to tell of it.

We smoked the fowl
that became our meals
with the fish caught by
nets skimming beneath the ice.

The smells were of Earth
and its parts, crisp and
broken into shards.
The more of us were happy though.
We knew the needs of all
and our wants were few.

Somewhere in time,
we cast our lots and became
the favored people.
We think now of
the differences and wish times
could be for a moment exchanged,
if only to remember the taste of

a pure and whole sense of truth.


4 responses to “When The Fir Tree Stood. . .”

  1. Your introduction and poem are very compelling. I no nothing about quantum physics but I do believe healing and forgiveness can alter the lives of those of us who have caused heartache and pain. However, if time is simultaneous, what will it matter?

  2. Claudia, I wish I could answer your question on how to refresh. Each answer would of needs be different and unique to the each. It is a process to me that has to begin in the heart. i wish the fir did not look sad!

  3. Mario, if time, past, future and present is simultaneous, then it best be that we live our lives pulling our actions through our hearts. Nothing matters Mario, except as it matters to us. We are the authority on our experience and who will care if we don’t? I care deeply.

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