This Road Traveled. . .

It was a very vivid dream and I wrote of it in detail.  I was moving the garden hose on the front lawn and looked up and David was walking up the sidewalk.  Oh David,  you are alive and well I said,  and he said it is a wonder.  They make as many mistakes as we do.  And I remembered Jesus saying along with on this rock I will build my church  he also said,   that whatever is loosed in heaven is loosed on earth and whatever is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven.  Conveniently forgotten.  I have known since I was a child and remembered the place from where I was born,  this dream visit was real .

Heaven is not a font of wisdom and they make many errors.  Proof is the world we inhabit.  We do what we can while we live here to make it better.  Whatever we do with all the compassion we can muster is better than leaving things as they are with little thought.  Now having said that,  what do we do now.  We keep on working, keep on keeping on.  Joining the host workers who in the past gave their utmost to promote human welfare.  Who wrote the music to remind man from where he had come.  Who worked to keep man upright and off his belly in the mud.  Who made water pure and drinkable and still  working on that.  Who grows food in arid land to put bread, not cake, on the table.  Who write and teach and feed the minds of men to lift my brother up.

There is no effort as great as man’s effort.  There is cooperation with man’s god only insofar as man works in cooperation with his fellows.  And there is no rhyme nor reason anywhere unless there is reason where man is.  The majority of my generational peers grew up in prejudicial homes where bigotry and racism were rampant.  Our parent  gods  said they hated what they were taught to hate.  Doesn’t every generation?  When do we put a stop to it? The changes have been slow in coming.  We are running out of  time and resources.

Let us hide God the three wise men said.  The ocean, said one, because man would never go deep enough to find him.  The sky, said another, for man would never go high enough to find him.  Within, said the third, for man will never think to look there.  Within.

Dante took Virgil on his journey to the heart of himself.  Virgil was a philosopher of note and took up the challenge though Dante was a Roman Catholic and did not take the Christ.   Christ was not real but Virgil was.  I, being, uncredentialed,  took the highest and best frame of reference I knew and that was the Nazarene.  In my independent study of a lifetime I found  him a man to be of no thought except to release man from the prison he was kept in by other men who themselves were also imprisoned.  He showed me that to be utterly human and utterly divine was a concept that man carried and so long was it hidden that to uncover it was such a heartrending process that few attempted.  It is a long journey and a hard route.

And never ending.  A grandson said to me in awe that you are not afraid of anything, are you grandma.  Fear is the hangman’s noose.  Knowledge gives one freedom from fear.  It is accessible through the everyday tool of learning.  It is man’s choice to use it.  Now is a good time to start.


art by Claudia Hallissey

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