A Sacred Leaning. . .


A Sacred Leaning. . .

When I  understood the meaning of the words begat and borne and unearth and wrote this, I wept.  It was then I realized that for me the poignancy of creating life was not so for everyone.  The school of thought then was that it was all biology.  Until we get to this time where to hold life sacred not only in hand  but in thought, will we see brotherhood of man come to Be.  We must teach our young that all of life has a sacred leaning.







It was not a borning.
It was a begetting.

They did not borne sons and daughters,
because they could not.
The Earth gods begat
brothers and sisters like themselves.
The fathers could not father
and the mothers could not mother.
The fathers begat brothers and
the mothers begat sisters.
There was not time for sons
and daughters to be borne.

Not time to teach the lessons procured
to bring about the enrichment of the desire.
Not time to search the elements to note
the tie that could not be untied.
No time to nurture the splendor
of the each to the each,
to borne to the Earth sons destined
for the name of their father,
and daughters destined for
the name of their mother.
There was not time.

Intricately the webs spun out
of desire inadvertently.
Caught in the web were principles,
long standing and well tested.
And dismissed.
Having no application amidst the fruits
of pleasures turned silken, they died.
And in their place came dogmas,
fully entrenched and circling
the heads of innocents.

Laboring to bring forth a beloved,
the woman labors.
And finds not a daughter
but another like her, well versed
by her own lessons.
Laboring to bring forth a son,
she finds another like her,
dressed in male skin.
She knows both well.
For already the lessons are well knit
into the fabric of man.

Unraveling the skein of life
she stands enmeshed in chaos.
He stands perplexed,
ruminating the exigencies of life.
But it is not as envisioned.
In the fragile moment,
when eyes behold the new life,
when hearts ache to behold the new spirit
destined to free the chains
binding man to servitude,
the Earth gods know.

The man sees another just like him
and is dismayed.
The mother sees another just like her
and aches.  For neither prepared themselves
to uncover what each knew and
could not release.
That begetting was easy to do,

but to borne meant unearthing.



3 responses to “A Sacred Leaning. . .”

  1. email from Pat. . .

    Oh my, what a gift you have given us…… And so beautifully put…… Thank You
    I was dreaming of an emergency wagon pulling into my driveway and looked up and out my windows on the world and saw the most extraordinary daywake…….soothing my soul.

    Your words are like that, Veronica. Love, Pat

  2. This touched me so deeply, Veronica. I felt it pulling me back to times as old as the first birthing, and I felt a sense of urgency, as if I was being charged to get this message spread to all “parent gods to-be.”

    I wish I knew then what I know now.

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