For you especially. . .

The Roses Are For You. . .

I tell you true.
You were known
before you came here
to this vast land.

A waste for some,
a paradise for others,
for one a dim place and
for another the sun shines.

You took upon your Spirit
a work, a job,
looking to make a difference.
You said to send you
where your heart could
change the world . . .

And you were given
your wish, hard as it seems.

You have not failed.
Your ripples are felt
on unnamed shores
and even the unborn
know your thoughts well. . .

Come, be kind to one
the heavens sing praises for.
Your work is virtuous
and your talents creative.
We make bet on
the one winning the trifecta.

The roses are yours.  For keeps.

3 responses to “For you especially. . .”

  1. from an email from Suzanne, This had me in tears, Veronica. Thank you for this meaningful contribution. I am honored. Love, Suzanne

  2. Maria, Suzanne and those who have beloved hearts in need of a bouquet of roses. . . Feel free to send this on to them. It was a given to me and given from me to those of heart. It is vital to know that we are known since before time was. And loved long before the world ever was. Veronica

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