The Lighthouse. . .








The Welcome. . .

Come, we walk.
Take my hand.
Lean on me for a time
to gain a respite
for a work unending.

I stand by you,
ready to catch you
if you fall.
My arms are steady
and ready.

I will not stumble,
so do not be afraid.
It has been a hard journey
and you tire.

I’ve stood the watch
and marveled
at your tenacity,
your perseverance.
Though you faltered,
you stood upright
without hesitation.

Now breathe easy
for a job well done.
No one could have done it better.
Welcome to the winner’s circle.

It was worth the run, don’t you think?


photo by
Joe Hallissey Sr.

One response to “The Lighthouse. . .”

  1. Veronica, what a beautiful poem! As a gerontological nurse for decades the poem has special meaning to me. How often I have said ” Lean on me, I will catch you if you fall, do not be afraid”. Your recent poetry and prose has been powerful.

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