Where Can We Go?. . .








Where Can We Go? . . .

As the sparrow falls it is noted
and the quality of life
is diminished by one.
Long ago the feathers were counted.
The color of the downy beast
was subtly painted into the rainbow.

A child is born
in the forgotten regions
of a world too busy to take note.
The borning is observed however,
by the cosmic populace.
Its growth watched and shepherded
and when the child cries,
the heavens lament.

There is no least in quality or number.
Each healing heart is calculated
to keep a world intact.
Each blink of an eyelid, reason enough
for the sun to keep itself alive.

The coming together and the going apart
is through a door opening and closing
onto a portion of life, indissoluble.

Now it is here, now gone from here,
now it is here.  Disappearing from
this place, it takes form in another.

The sparrow sings in another tree
and his song is heard by one
who left the here and followed.

Where can we go and not be found?


Photo by John Holmes

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  1. sent from iphone. . .This is beautiful, Veronica. It conveys
    Life’s flow just as it is.
    You are so special…and you bring us
    The lessons we need.


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