Commitment; a sacred obligation. . .


Scribed journal entry of 24 years ago to compare to today’s events.  Who would argue the quantum theory that all time is simultaneous?  The journal entry began. . . your inlaw mother told you that she wishes she had known you,  that you had been her teacher.  She knows you present a healthy attitude toward earth life which had escaped her.  Her bout with soil is far beneath the surface where dust collects.  It is the soul that feels its soil first and is translated to its surrounding,  which is another issue.

When you look out from your porch and say good morning to the birds singing their response,  when you look at the moon and say this is where my heart rests and hello David,  you show and feel a depth of connection few do.  They cannot begin to relate to the natural order of things.

They cannot begin to see their own root connection because the earth represents to them an alien territory.  It is not home, it is foreign.  So they keep looking and touch and feel everything on this earth and hope they will find this connection.

But what they soon find is that they are old.  What should have been researched when they were young with education of the soul and emotions,  they would have found that where they were was where home was.

You love your home not because of how it looks but because of what you have invested in it.  Many years ago your wandering brother said he never felt as you about houses he lived in.  They were not home.  They were not invested with the soul of the man,  the emotions which engendered growth and certainly not with the love.

It should take two people to build a home and a family.  But in many cases, too many of late, it is but one person.  It can be a home of meager surroundings.  It can be of any type, in any country, in any place.   But it should be invested with emotions of the surrounding persons and should be accepting.  If the place is simply a house,  a place to sleep  and a place to leave,  we have a rootless society, with no connection either to themselves or to their place of origin.  And their origin means the place where they became aware of  themselves and respected for their persons.

It is crucial to the welfare of children that they be rooted in love.  This then gives them the freedom to fly away and then return.  Not necessarily return to the physical place but to the secure emotional place within that has given them their rooting.

When a society has no penchant or accommodations for earnest settling, we have a society rampant with fears, rampant with outbreaks of every conceivable nature and they then wonder where the trouble lies.  It does not require a first rate intelligence to see where the power should have been vested.  But it does take an educated heart.  If you make babies,  commitment should be sacredly assumed by both parties  to be your first name, a holy obligation.


painting by
Claudia Hallissey

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