All We Have Is The Moment. . .


It seems strange to be living with devices that usurp time that could be spent with persons,  either beloveds or would be friends.  These devices  take precedence over relationships that would enhance life to the utmost or heal encounters that would promote peace.  How we have let celluloid people on the wall take precedence over a live breathing person  beside one,  is a mystery to this head.  And happen it does.  It is not that I don’t indulge in technology of my choice but to watch devices being used in the midst of conversation is a stealth that will be regretted once the situation realized can never be recovered.  People leave and die and circumstances alter cases.  What is a real chance for furthering civil and emotional growth is bypassed in favor of situational procedures that have little relevance in our daily life.

Unless the moment depends on word on the life and death of a beloved,  should we not hang up the device while in the presence of  another like us who still breathes?  This moment is all we have.  Time is a commodity that cannot be spent twice.  Once spent it is gone and unless wisely spent,  regret is left in its wake.

I Take Your Hand. . .

Come,  I take your hand.
We go to places where
our hearts share dreams.

Sometime back, in histories
having no years,
we trod places where paths
had not been worn.

It was a good time,
seeing how we formed lives
with no lesson plans,
loved with no time
and lived fully aware.

We remember now
when the hands of the clocks
tell us we have only so much time;
only so much to check emails,
to see to bank statements
and to note how many Likes on devices
from those we don’t know.

And only so much time
before the next commercial break
and then we might have time

to love one another?


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  1. I Love this…..
    Aunt Vera ~ You inspire me to be a better human while I am still earthside <3

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