You Are The Cherished Purpose. . .


You wonder if you make a difference.  You’re those things that escape the notice of people.  But without the daily doings of choice, of comforts, of niceness,  the world could not go on.

The smallest act of mercy has large repercussions.  Remember that.  When the smallest act of kindness is received, it is passed on without thinking because the act gains a life of its own and struggles for expression.  It gathers momentum as it moves through the person’s hands, their life and those about them.

It is these acts of kindness, of niceness, of love that keeps the earth’s purpose in mind.   And the earth continues to vibrate its song and sings it for the ears that are destined to hear.  One person can delay it but no person can stop it up completely.  It will only be delayed but never destroyed.

The many acts of kindness and goodness dispensed by you took their proper route and touched many lives giving to each a measure of estimation they could not reach by themselves.  You are an example and a cherished purpose.  You are making an inestimable difference.

You Are The Difference. . .

Walking obscurely, you catch
a glimpse of yourself in a storefront,
not trendy nor polished,
a little unkempt,
not to be remembered.
Wondering why must you
always smell of baby powder.

So much to do
with so many needs.
Why do you hear them crying?

It’s always the children, you think,
for whom you would do much,
but some of them
are so big and so old. . .

You pass out treats
to the little ones
and listen with your heart
to the elderly. . . .

You wonder if your caring
can make any difference
in lives that are so needy.

You are the difference,
you who takes the time
to blot teary faces
and listen to abandoned lives. . .

Hazarding that.  . . .
some are not too big to sit on your lap
but all the right size

to sit on your heart. . . .


photo by
Joe Hallissey Sr.


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