With A Promise. . .


Fortunate are those who walk with their cameras at the precise moment a sunset images the evening sky.  And we are fortunate to have those photos in our libraries.  Most fortunate are we who have the intent of the photographer rising at dawn to catch the morning sky in colors unmatched.  Few are the photographers and fewer still the mornings to be counted on to arise in  the eastern sky with brilliant precision.  It is almost a game with the gods of how much do you care?  And with joy we are fortunate to have in our yearning a photo like this,  a treasure of Jon Katz’ discipline that brings him out at dawn  to capture the emerging dawn’s chameleon concepts.  And with his generosity I add it to my growing library.

With A Promise. . .

There will be a tomorrow
somewhere. . .
waiting in the sunrise.

Perhaps in the shadow
of the footprint
on which you stand
this moment. . .

Or perhaps in
the light of a morning
in a world not thought
yet into Being. . .

But you will have it,
earned by the tenor
of your days,
practiced diligently.

It will be met
with an of course,
having visited every night
and well met. . .

with a promise once again to reclaim Paradise.


photo by Jon Katz


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