Crowded Into Minutes. . .


What I contribute to are more philosophical questions than most are interested in.  More biblical inquisitions than I would go for answers.  I don’t know but what there are few sources that I would find cogent or even unbiased.

There are those who argue the universe is benign.  I find myself venturing toward its viable good because we would have long ago disappeared with so much behavior ending in violence.  God is life itself.  Life is god.  When I walked with an elder and said I love life she said she never thought to think anything about life other than to get through it somehow.  Who did she think was checking her progress and keeping tabs?  If at all?

We walked down the street and it was snowing as we came out of the diner and the street was cast with a falling snow and the evergreens were shadowed in front of us, like some high peaks shrouded in a mist.  Beautiful, so beautiful and I wanted her to see what I saw. I thought she did.  But she did not.  It was as nothing to her.

I cannot understand why people hold onto this life with such tenacity when they do not love life.

The next day we walked to do some errands. At the corner of my street  I heard a marvelous bird song.  I stopped and looked up and there was a solitary bird singing his mighty song.  I see you,  I said and I hear you.  And he stopped his singing.

After a few streets of seeing and hearing and then not seeing the birds,  I finally said do not stop your singing though I cannot see you.  And they continued to sing.  My bird ritual.

To me this is life.  This is god.  This is dominion.  It is mine and I love it and cherish it and it is good.  God is the divine in me,  within every creature and thing. The All has movement, a motion and a right to be,  though obviously not in words destined to be understood in our world with a vocabulary to define it.

The contradictions are apparent and there are many simply because our focus is too narrow to contain it all.  And the brain not equipped for enlarged understanding.  Evolution is a process.

But this much I know.  That which keeps me breathing and moving and loving is Spirit, part and parcel of the All That Is, and of which I am. 

(excerpt from poem Life Everlasting . . . )

I can see, I say for this is mine. . .
only with how I perceive
this limited existence.

Fair enough, for this time, I think,
but only for this time.
There will be other times
when it will not be enough. . . .

And then I grow unto his splendor. . .
I will be guided unto his doorway
and I will be led. . .

And there will never be a final time . . .
It only begins here and now and

again it will be time to move on.


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  1. email from Suzanne. . . Reading your posts make me feel I’m coming home. Many thanks. Blessings, Suzanne

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