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It never occurred to me before.  As often as I said that this is a classroom of a first order, and we must keep it not only for ourselves but for those to come,  it just never occurred to me that it was the purpose of the classroom to stay the classroom.  That things were not going to change because this is its purpose and any change must come from the individual.  We can be the example but change anyone, not.

The bottom of my world fell out when I realized that no matter how hard I worked, the only change wrought was what I did to myself.  I mattered.  The good I did was a spill off from my cup runneth over.  Good that came from abundance was lasting good, but when it came from duty resentment clouded the issue.  I think that is the kicker.

We feed our belief system to build ourselves into what we need to be.  The good coming from actions benefit us first or it is not lasting good.

Because people are born into different cultures, my small hope I harbor is that all countries are emerging as united states in that there is mingling and borning of different peoples everywhere.  Where children are born into a variety of mixtures and children are color blind.  And grandparents have to acknowledge eventually that whatever color our grandchildren they have our habits!  Saints praise us!

I may make peace with myself but it does no good for my neighbors.  They must make peace within themselves.  And thus within the cradle of the heart will be the birth of peace.  And Christmas is a time in the heart.  I wish each of you the best of these holy days or holidays.  Thank you for being in my life.

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  1. Love and Peace to you, Veronica.
    May all the beauty you give to us come back to you ten-fold.

    Christmas blessings,
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  2. Time In The Heart

    Thank you for all the reflections and inspiration you’ve shared this year! I feel blessed to be a part of your network and feel better for having your quotes to consider and ponder, and am amazed at your continued efforts and sharing so graciously. Linnea

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  3. A peaceful Christmas time to you Veronica. I so believe the idea of us only being able to change ourselves, but need to be reminded of it again and again. So thank you for that.

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