So Much To Be Said. . . .






So Much To Be Said. . .

You say,

So much to be said.  To take a hammer
to a word and splinter it. . .what’s to be gained?

I say,

Where is the meaning if you don’t?

You say,

Let everyone take what is theirs and build on it.
That is the way of the world and the way illusions
are granted a solid state.

And darling woman,  it is all right.

 I say,

They say that life is too hard just to be illusions.
The people will say of me she was off the wall!

You say,

There will be those who say you have a fine
imagination.  And others will say you took an impossible life
and created a philosophy to sustain it.  Does not everyone?

 I say,

Not every child is shown tender mercies.  And
without them there is a long sleep when transiting.  Remedial
help is needed.

 You say,

You shored up when fault was found within your system.
You continue to love and lady,  continue I ask.

 And I ask,

            Where will you be?

 You say,

Until the day you can no longer do it, walk to the fields
and lie down and say no more. . . .  I will pick you up and we will
again set fire to hearts which do not flicker yet and create that
world where love abounds and commitments and priorities take
their proper place.

Time is limited and it grows dark.  We work, we work,
with love, lady, with love we work.

2 responses to “So Much To Be Said. . . .”

  1. email from Suzanne. . .I want to hug the Earth and all valiant souls, and keep it all protected…even if my illusions tell me what hard, hard work it will be.

    It’s hard to convince the dreamer…

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  2. Suzanne, we innately know that love makes it worthwhile. . . our potential has us racing like the gazelle, still to be realized.. . .in the act of becoming. . . .

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