We Need Balance. . .


Inadequate.  They say I make them feel inadequate.  I require something of them but they don’t know what.  I tell them they do but they have misplaced the skill they had when they would grab thoughts and run with them.

It was an exciting high brought on by them mastering life and know they were equal to it.  An exuberance within them that had them glad to be wholly alive.  Why had they let it be stolen?

We struggle for balance.  We are not of the ‘suffering servant’ school nor of the ‘life can be beautiful’ one.  It need not be one or the other,  but remember this is a classroom.  Its purpose is unfolding and our potential is becoming.  What is the wonder and will continue to be the surprise.

Prolonging life by avoiding life’s problems only casts them for another time.  Emotional discomfort, physical infirmities and mental upheavals are those things one grows on.  And growth in these areas are of prime necessity for human potential.

We were taught since early times that the purpose of life is to learn.  It is not to be happy and to be in a perpetual la la land with no discomfort.

How and what we do with the problems that life in this physical state doles out simply because the pieces fall where they do and form a puzzle,  is for our growth and maturity.

Life is not meant to be one big romp in bed or a continual buffet table.   How we confront and use the common sense we were born with to meet problems and hopefully distill some good in our wake is the prime motive for life.

It appears common sense is not so common, do you think?  Or prefer not to,  think, that is.

Evolution I  . . .

In my yesterday
a thought was born.
Suited to my self,
we were complete, whole.
Today I find the thought
sufficient only for my yesterdays.

Awakening now,  the mind itself,
impregnated with yesterday’s truths,
finds the spirit eagerly embracing
tomorrow’s dreams.

By what means and by whose devices
are yesterday’s truths
made today’s realities?
Except . . . perhaps by man
living out his dreams?

Elusive substance, beclouding,
misting, penetrable only
by man’s eternal hunger.
Satisfied only

by man’s indomitable spirit.


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