We Don’t See What We Don’t Know To See. . . .

Most of us have heard of black and white holes in space.  When  massive stars burn out gravity causes them to collapse and shrink out of sight.  A black hole appears and matter disappears into this.  Matter  then appears elsewhere in our universe or other universes.  My understanding is simplified.

Everything has energy especially our thoughts and emotions and those things that enliven us.  When I said the cosmos views us as dim or bright bulbs this pretty much is on target though simple.

When this tremendous energy is given off we can say similarly that it drains through  black holes and is enormously magnified and returned into our world through white holes.

These coordination points have great energy and earlier civilizations before going down the tube used these points to plan their infrastructures to great advantage.

This is a good point to keep in mind when news of ancient cities are discovered and we wonder how they managed to stay intact.  The reason being that consideration of these energy points greatly stabilized structures and were highly utilized in building.

We hear of thermodynamic laws and closed systems and laws of entropy meaning there is diminished energy available to work. We have only our narrow focus of this physical world.  We don’t see what we don’t know to see.

Physical laws are suspended many times.  Women lift cars and tractors to free a beloved and save a life.  In wartime suspension of laws is called courage and awarded with medals.  When they happen in our lives, we say nothing and family looks askance and try to forget anything out of the ordinary happened.

Be careful what you say I was cautioned.  I would have to deny my life lived.  And because of journals kept for a half century,  I would have forgotten many things.

How did you do it Mom,  our eldest would ask as a child when the 3 cushion sofa was moved up and down the steep stairs.  My young neighbor said I moved evergreens about my lawn with root balls of enormous size like lawn furniture and replanted them.  And this same young one helped me move an old heavy desk from the garage through basement stairs.  I would move it to the other part of the basement through two more doors.

I got stuck.  Neither the desk was able to budge nor I pinned with my spine to the jamb and with little breath.  The door frame bulged and I thought he will kill me if he has to call the fire department to free me.

In less time than it takes to write this and I have the journal entry,  the desk collapsed and stood upright on the other side of the door and I whispered my thank you.  I then moved it with no problem through the other door to my workroom.

From one of my poems is a line that says ‘thorns do not a rose make but intensity of purpose yields the bud.’   Many times I have been told things have not been worth the energy I put into them.  Not comfortable to live with I have been told.

Yet we don’t know how that intensity is utilized nor how we feed worlds or are fed by it.

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