The Invited Guest. . . .

We have those things that comfort and reassures us.  It can be a photograph or a painting or something bringing to mind a feeling.  It takes us to the place where we were all of a piece and peace.  I have many such things and one of them is wood. 

My woodworking days were of such quality that when I finished a project,  having carved or sawed and sanded and then waxed and polished, I would with great love bend my face to it.  Feel and smell the earth I love in it and know I will cherish this scent forever. 

What world taught this now female person to be a carpenter with so much love that when I picked up wood and saw and file I knew what to do?  Where to begin and how to proceed?  I loved those years of woodworking.  Humbling an idea and creating a something. 

I do not remember the lifetime but there was a teacher who gave me tools.    Those tools were courage to try and confidence to do, so the means manifested.  I learned ‘do and you will be shown how.’  The intensity of purpose was the prime ingredient.   The invited guest became my Mentor. 

The Invited Guest. . .

I once knew a good carpenter
who, with hammer and saw
and wood and file,
showed me how to build a chair.

I did and sat on it and
then decided I needed a table.
With hammer and saw and
wood and file,
I built a table and sat at it.

I knew I needed another chair
for an Other to sit on.
So with hammer and saw
and wood and file,  I built it.

I then invited the carpenter
to join me at the table.
We lit a candle and talked
and a new world was born.
How did I know

I first needed to learn how to build?


photo by John Holmes


4 responses to “The Invited Guest. . . .”

  1. I loved what we’ve learned about you thru your poems…… But, the fact that you love wood and can build beautiful pieces of furniture is both inspiring and very enlightening! Thank you for sharing, Veronica

  2. Pat, this lifetime I confined the woodworking to small pieces i.e. toys, stools for the grands and a 3 shelf cabinet that surprised me! Given the tools which are the confidence and courage, essentials for everything, opens the worlds. I hope this is shown. It was crucial for me. Thank you for commenting. The furniture in the photo is to wish for.

  3. The idea of “do and you will be shown how” is how I learn Veronica. I like to hear that you carried your tools of confidence and courage into this lifetime. It’s a hopeful message.

    • Maria, such a simple maxim but many do not know of it. Simply starting with enthusiasm begins the process. But the yearn to learn must be the intent. How to make it contagious?
      To promote progress in evolution. . . I think it might have to be a virus. . . .

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