God In A Rock. . .


God In A Rock. . . .

Stay with me for a bit.  This may seem unconnected,  but it vitally connects.  Peter Wohlleben while tending a forest in Germany came to the realization that there is communication and relationships among trees.  He writes about this in a book called The Hidden Life of Trees.  Jon Katz of Bedlam Farm first spoke of this book on his blog.

My friend John sent me a link to another book called The Song of Trees by biologist George David Haskell about networking among trees,  using sounds and scents and vibrations.  Coming to mind was God In A Rock,  a prose poem I wrote many years ago but meaningful today.

Thinking of the hard and bitter choices all of us have made amid some good and happy ones,  the god of mankind’s creation was said to say vengeance is mine.  I thought where mankind was at the time,  his god had to be bigger, stronger and smarter of course than he was.

So saying vengeance is mine as man’s loyalties as well as his choices became harder,  put the balance in life’s way or his god’s hands.   There is balance and to teach this was a necessity to have an outside intelligence greater than the knowledge man had at that time.  To be sure this was not a consensus as to life’s meaning, for few there were who were spared food foraging issues.

Considering growth commensurate with the intelligence sparking within,  all things are compensated.  What is taken illegally, unequally as one’s own, and here I scramble for words, there is an internal set of scales that balance.

Mentally cognizant or not, the balance is weighed and known and there are consequences.  Vengeance is mine sayeth life in total had to be this dictum or life in any form would no longer be.

All things, all,  are itemized and noted and destined for all good or all god.  I wrote in January of 2014  that intelligence was the primary factor of all universes.  In light of science arguments, this was my diverse thought.

Not a thing to be taken for granted, as a nothing or non life because we have as its center, life, the smallest particle which one day is growing into full capacity of intelligence.

To whatever ends the particle participates and succeeds will be another meeting which in its composition will again grow toward other forms of intelligence, other forms of life.  Indeed, there is God In A Rock.

Because the inanimate, the least seeming alive particles has within its substance the desire to unite and ultimately grow.  The vengeance is mine concept as life begetting life, not out of anger or fear or desire to best the impossible, but to allow growth and life in the best capacity.  What that capacity will be we simply do not know.

So we learn by those whose vocations lead them to conclude that trees are intelligent and we should learn who are the mother trees and what function they have in the fullness of maturity and health of the forest.  What we have learned  will in turn help mankind’s ability to survive and how to sustain the viability of our forests and the air we breathe.

We already know that the oceans team with life systems, that we are creating a species of companion animals who respond to  vocabularies of 1500 words and thought transference and may I again tell you of the night speaking its secrets to those whose ears are not clogged?   Coincidences?  None.  Part and parcel we are of Nature and one another.  My well being depends on the well being of the All about me.

We should not be surprised if we have given thought to our portion of life, that whatever we wonder about is but a fraction. We don’t know the full connectedness of life nor our connection to it.

If we did, we would all be on our knees.

photo by Kathy Rybacki Qualiana
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  1. Veronica, you always speak of the intelligence that grounds all and moves all. I think of it as love. An intelligent love if you will. Intelligence alone can’t move me but an intelligent love I can respond to. We may be talking of similar realities but for me the difference is critical. I always enjoy thinking along with your posts. Thank you.

    • Lois, I appreciate your comment and it levies a heavy burden in thought. Intelligence includes love and compassion but not arrogance which would weaken its strength. Intelligence undergirds but is constantly on its way to becoming Other. You see an essay beginning? My readers are special and I truly feel fortunate. Thank You!

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