I will give you a white stone. . . . .

White Stone. . .

I will give you a white stone.
On the stone will be your name
and you will read it and remember it.
I have called you over and over
so you would not forget it.

I have loved you long before the earth was,
even before we first walked the heavens.
I have shown you how to love,
unconditionally and forever.

I have been generous with your love.
I have spread it profusely
and the earth greens.
I have sprinkled it finely and with
long fingers I have pressed your love
into the heavens and you call them stars.

I have taken the heat of  your love
and put it all together
to warm the earth and you call it Sun.

I have stood you on a hot rock and
you molded it into a cool sphere and
I took it proudly and set it to light the night sky
and we call it Moon and man loves by it.

The moon warms his passions when they flag
and the sun browns his body when it pales
and the green earth eases
when the rocks pierce his feet.

But the stars are for you,
for you counted them and found
the heavens could not hold all of them

so I put the remainder in your eyes.                




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4 responses to “I will give you a white stone. . . . .”

  1. email from Jane. . Dear Veronica…I have claimed my white stone and written my name on it, bold as can be! Bless you and thanks for your lovely poem and making me feel special! with love, jane

  2. Jane, that is how I felt when I wrote it . . . special, chosen. That is how I want my readers to feel…that we all are special, chosen.

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