The Garden Gnome. . . .


The Garden Gnome. . .

Already Fall has sent her messages in the form of cold, rainy days that speak of Fisherman hats and boxy bonnets and warm jackets.  And it would not be remiss to have warm mittens in the pockets of those jackets just in case. 

These past weeks have spoken of the lush harvest gardens for the spirited gnome that inhabited them.  Fun and games were the agenda and with mom and dad having some free time with the smiling elf, the photos will help us remember.

In the coming months of dark and wintry days they will again bring to mind a miracle year of good health and fun times and sunny days.  It will be a year for Emma E. this next month since she came into the world determined to live her life as she deemed.  And it has been another life like her father’s beginning as a preemie also when I said unbelievingly that he would have made it somehow in pioneer times on the prairie. 

Somehow I think that there are those souls whatever the circumstances, even in the barest of times, would make it somehow.  I am not sure how, just know it from observation of my nearing century mark.   This is our Emma E. one month shy of her first birthday.  Pulling herself hither and nigh and ready I think soon to tell us what it is all about Alfie.

We need reminders in these times that the real miracles go on within four walls of every home.  For they are the barometer that judges the coming times ahead of us all.  We cannot make mistakes with the children. 


photos by Aline Stern

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  1. I so appreciate you, Veronica, and your words! It is lovely, altogether, to have Emma E’s pictures to remind us of the connection of generations: you and Emma E. I’m glad you are close and can share her life. At least Ai think you are close….. in this scary time, you and your words reaffirm. Thank you! Be well. Love, Pat

  2. Pat, I wish I could be close to all my loves. But I depend on word and photos to keep me in thought. Fortunately the devices of technology work splendidly for us. Not as close as a hug but in mind. Thank you for commenting.

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