The Greater Heart. . . .


Everyone assumes that this blessed day of the Heart will be a happy one for all.  And if it is true for you and you and your beloved are partners in this great adventure,  you are to be smiled upon and wished much happiness.  Guard it  and each other well.  It is truly a gift and one to be remembered forevermore.  May you both look forward to an eternity of days such as this.

For those whose hearts need kind words I hope I can help assuage the hurt or  isolation you feel.  You cannot believe the little emphasis that is placed on words like character, loyalty and bonding in this time we inhabit.  You were of another world when you knew the truth of the greatness of the heart.  And it has filtered down to you in this world and caused you grief.

Know that what awaits will be something akin to what you know and deserve.  It will be what your heart requires and will enrich your life in whatever circumstance you find yourself.  Your emptiness would not be so great had you not been given what you cannot forget.  It will again enfold and embrace you.  You  know the greatness of love having been partner to it before.  You will know it again.

3 responses to “The Greater Heart. . . .”

  1. email from Pat. . . Sending blessings and love back to you Veronica! You are appreciated for your persistence and insistence on love and importance that we all share.
    With love, Pat

  2. email from Lois. . .Happy Valentines Day Veronica ❤️
    What you share in love with your readers is received in gratitude. May this day bring you what your heart most needs and desires.
    Bless you, Lois

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