To See The Connections. . . .

It is a fact of life that when things are offered and we do not accept them, then when we want them, we find they are withdrawn.   It is a matter of inner vision, not having to do with sight.   We cannot see our need at the time.   But upon thinking and when we see their value, we find it is too late.

We then of course are sorry.   Whether the thing is offered by a person or because we are in a fortunate situation at the time, we do not accept because we have no need.  But to check one’s vision , to see a need before it arises means that one makes connections.

Timing is of the essence.  One must  see how the connections between past occurrences and present happenings are related.

The moment becomes all to most people because to live in the moment is the current thought.  But without the substance of the past, the present has no meaning.  It is of itself, sterile.

To bring this home to us, we must think of who we have been to bring us to who we are in this moment.  And if we do not instill meaning in the present today, tomorrow will be bereft.  It will of itself, too, be sterile.

We must avail ourselves when opportunities for change are given.  Too many think that today is born immaculate without the impact of yesterday.  If we do not see how our yesterdays have laid their mark on us, then we will not see how our actions today will affect our tomorrows and those of our commitment.

And we will not see how our harsh winter will yield to a benevolent spring.

(photo by Joe Hallissey, Sr.)

2 responses to “To See The Connections. . . .”

  1. Maria, we are what our experience makes of us, the good and not so good. But we
    are what our memories have made of us. The fact that we ARE, says that we have
    survived. Now we work at making ourselves well and whole. And nicer people if possible.
    I work at it all the time.!

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