With Names Attached. . .


He called me gullible.  Is it the same as trusting I asked?  He blanched.  And he had reason to.  There is nothing in the common vernacular to put nuance into words touching the heart.

When I watch the Morning Joe and Mika program and listen to the worldly guests  I wonder  the world  I left but brought with me by dragging one foot still in it.  It was a world where my word was my bond, my trust, my honor and my love.  It was all that was needed.

Not knowing my head was open, I was always surprised at what people said.  I was sure their mouths were saying things their ears did not hear.  And now I listen and still feel that way.  They cannot know what they say and not hear the words.  This morning I asked my daughter going out the door if this behavior is common and she said all day long.  How does one continue to conduct life in such a world?

The career General and the private company of retired military now proven  was formed to conduct nefarious dealings with the adversaries to make profit on information illegally dispensed.  Do not the sacred and highly held loyalties stay the heart and mind to levels beyond profit?  When one is voted to high office built on constitutional beliefs sweated and wept through wars that decimated families not mean that one cannot dismiss these as incidental and proceed with untruths to line one’s pockets?

The lists grow to include the constituency to see that lies are the way to get the freebies and the goodies and the lusts of one’s depravity since everyone does it so it makes it all right.  Loyalties and value systems betrayed make no difference because no one cares anyway.  How many times do we hear those words?

Well I care and have always cared since I was little and shouted at my family to stop their fighting because couldn’t they see what they did to each other?  And silence always prevailed for a minute and a brother would sigh, she’s crying again.  Well, today I cry too.  I have made oceans because I still cannot believe what I see and hear.

I cannot believe the planet I love with such passion is betrayed by the likes of whom she shelters.  And the country that my father came with such hope let him stay to have a life giving me life ongoing.   There will be consequences and no one more surprised than those committing offenses with the thought that their playground would always be theirs simply because they played it smart.

The consequences will be transiting to a world where working hard is payment demanded.  Sweat and deep pain will be the cost of remedial care.   Offenses will once again have our names attached.

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    • Catherine, I long ago learned that without hope there was no reason to get up in the morning. -Hope is the bond that unites all of us. Hope underwrites our destinies. Welcome again, and thank you for your comments.

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