Questions To Ask. . Life Giver or Taker. . .

There are 2 questions to ask of any situation.  Is it a life giver or is it a life taker? If it is a life taker, we stop immediately.

At the moment you feel life is threatened you stop.  To be less than compassionate is to befoul the learning.  To be less than one’s best is to compromise.

My poetry comes from many sources.  Some of it from ongoing study, all of it from experience and integrated in the process of living.  As I stated in the essay of Kiss The Moon preface, much was Given.  And when Given,  meaning taken as a dictation, there is a Giver.

Old studies and myths point to muses.  There is little spoken today of muses.  But once upon a fable or more honesty, it was accepted as something that was and each writer had his own explanation.

And the times come for most writers when the pipe through which the Muses speak becomes rusty through misuse or age, the muses choose to be still.  And the writer comes up dry.

We became very scientific in all of our explanations concerning life.  Like some, my journey started with the first step inward.  Not the easiest,  but rewarding.  Not the most rapid to enlightenment  which is never finished because the individual journey is individual and the scope of each depends on where the pilgrim is and what he hopes to learn.

With the universes expanding, the worlds keep multiplying and our needs growing,  we are never finished.

We must enlarge our premises.  We must move from the narrow focus of one god, one self, one body, one world, one universe as these are currently understood.  Man’s potential is unlimited.

Physics speaks of many worlds.  We know ourselves to be more than what we present.  And those, with credentials, who know this, cannot speak because of fear of reprisal.

Religions have borne the work of keeping alive the invisible world.  Rituals provide support for man’s innate need for solace, for connection.  It is because of this that we have not dismissed the invisible life practices  and have kept them alive.  It is not far fetched to say that each person harbors the thought that death is not the end of them but another beginning.

Perhaps one day we will realize that physical life is the dream and the longest sleep.  And  there is an awakening.

(I was with a dear friend taking a college course when outside the classroom I recognized the framed painting of this quilt I later made.  She saw my unbelievable shock at recognition of this world.  I knew the world.  It made me visibly ill.  It was a palpable confirmation of what had been a part of my life and knowledge. 

Her daughter now has the quilt with meaning.  It had to be done on burlap.)

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