The Bread of Life. . .

Books, Learning. . . . Bread of Life. . . .

If asked if the journey was worth it, seeing how many dreams found not their time, what would I say?  Looking at these two photos that came within two or so weeks of each other,  I would have to say the legacy is priceless.

The mountains climbed, the roads thrashed out and the bulrushes piled and ready for pickup, I would have to say it took every bit of what I did plus everyone else’s journey, all who have been a part of this little person’s history, to create this Being to get to this day.

No one’s input is diminished nor history dismissed in the genetic ingredients creating Emma E.  Other members will have their faiths and abilities to claim.  There are many with reason, who do not view as crucial, the children of this world.  Yet the cosmic sages view the four walls of the natal chambers as determining the futures of all worlds.

Emma E. is Hope personified.  She is reason to keep this Earth classroom alive and thriving so the soul of who she is and who she will grow to Be has a chance to become what she destines.

This has to be the bigger picture we have in mind all the time.  That each child in each generation is given the welcome with love and time as their birthright.  And the means to be fed both body and mind for not only sustenance to survive but to thrive and expand their focus.

Beyond expectation because we don’t know yet what we are to become.  The last chapter is not writ ever.  And no laboratory nor scientist has the final word.  For there is no final anything.

Emma E. already has opened the way to abundant life.                     
Her love of books, of learning has made her purpose clear.

The purpose of life is to learn.   But we always knew
that, didn’t we?

Why did we forget?


Photos by
Claudia and Joseph Hallissey

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