To See The Day. . .

From Psalms of Love is the following poem entitled  ‘To See The Day.’ The emotions and the times were painfully immobilizing.  The inner journey means different things to all those who attempt it.  I did not realize there was a name for what I was thrust into.   All I knew was that I hurt.  Heaven intervened and there is a paper trail that I leave.  Perhaps it will prove helpful to  someone.  I live to tell you that I could not have survived without the ordeal of the journey.

To See The Day. . .

I’ve traveled distances
not measured in miles
through the intensity of love and found you.

I’ve broken barriers designed for men in mind
and found the freedom imposed by chains
within me ready.  I took upon me a coat to wear
when first I chose to come with Mind.

I pulled it close for warmth.
Its protection saved me from invasion.
Little was known about the warp of weave
and how fragile the belief that kept me warm.

I was told that distances were measured in miles,
that love could be seen and cold could be felt.
I did not know the cold felt in a house of fear
was colder than the Arctic and that all the blankets
in the world could not the body keep warm
if the heart was barren.  I learned.

I did not know that for some the barriers of mind
allowed the peaceful growth of children.
To have been so wrong was proved to me
by teachers intent on my freedom.

All in me, as I in Life was a lesson I came to learn.
The hour creeps toward dawn and I hasten
the good night toward a day to be broken
with promises kept.  I never thought

I would live long enough to see the day.


Artwork by Claudia Hallissey
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