A Heart’s Commitments. . . .



A Given . . .

There comes to mind
in the space of time a leverage. . .
gaining for one a semblance of peace.

Silly, it sometimes is when the purpose
of life is to regain and reclaim this right.
It is of no consequence now in the sleeping hours

of a lifetime that knowledge becomes loose.
Here we sit and wait for life to be infused
but what is needed is simply to release

and be released.  For this time now. . . .
look to  the weaving of a lifetime’s pattern
and see the beautiful results

of a heart’s commitments. . .


artwork by Claudia Hallissey

. .


4 responses to “A Heart’s Commitments. . . .”

  1. email from Suzanne. . . This made me weep. Poignant…to me.
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  2. email from Claudia. . .
    I’m glad you consider it a favorite. I loved painting it and knew it would be special because the people in it are so special! Your words say it all so beautifully.

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