We Are The Vaults of Memories. . . .

Who Will Feed The Children? . . . 

Unsteady on his legs, I watched my grandson bend down and pick up his book.  In one motion, he touched the book to his lips.

In another time, when I was young, I saw his great grandfather move with just such a motion to pick up a piece of bread from the floor and touch his lips.

“Papa,” I asked, “why did you do that?”

“It is the staff of life,” he said.  “All bread is holy.  I am sorry I was not more careful.”

In a moment and more quickly than it takes to scribe the motion, the act of one was the continuing presence of the other.  The source of reverence for both was what each considered holy.  To our grandson still very much unsteady on his feet, I wondered the source of his reverence for books.  All of us loved books but was this bred into his genes and chose to show itself at this particular time?

Now at this time I have photos taken of Emma E. his daughter and my great granddaughter.  Taken at a book sale on a neighborhood lawn, Emma E. with her artist grandmother Claudia, has difficulty which ones to choose!

I see the generations, from my father, to our grandson, and now my great granddaughter, these three have brought the memory of the fallen bread and book to mind for this precise moment.  I did not seek out the memory and did not know it was stored anywhere.

And becoming familiar with The Holographic Universe, (Michael Talbot) and learning that memories are bedded throughout the brain, I am in awe of what mind does.  Like a magnificent filing system, the two memories signaled each other and unified a presence.

It was a simultaneous response, one beckoning the other to connect the great grandson to his great grandfather and now my great granddaughter to this holder and vault of memories, her grandmother great Veronica.  How much are we responsible for?

A loving gesture with bread.  A loving gesture with a book.  Both with reverence, a source of food.  Both soul food, knowing an unfed mind hungers as deeply as the unfed body.

Who will feed the children?


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