When We Trash Our Souls. . . .


Our Connectedness. . . .

There is a connectedness  I see and it weaves through everything.  I am not certain where it leads nor if it ever had a beginning.  But this I know.  It is real and it is firm and it is gutsy.  Not a word that is elegant, but true to its core.  Gutsy.  It has a vitality all of its own and the sweet thing about this, is that the connectedness is real, so real that I am not certain why it is not  talked about as a normal, common thing.

It should be evident to everyone.  Rubies  are connected to stones and stones connected to moss if one thinks  and can see that man and fish, donkey and gods are one of  kind.  It should be a part of our every day life because it is part of our everyday living.

I would start the talk with babies and show them how their belonging to us is a natural and provident thing.  It and they are god sent.  I hesitate using the word god because it has a grandfather Santa Claus image to it and  the way most people think.  But yet the feel of this god sent connectedness is cosmic as well as has a natural bent to it and there are no appropriate words in this language of ours.                                                   

It weaves through everything.  The blood work of family puts all of us  in such close connectedness that there is only breathing space.  We are united and yet unique in our selves but the connectedness is vital.

This moves beyond family and puts all of us, one to the other, not so far but we know of the each.  And we are known.  There are no surprises  and yet the exchanges are of palpable good.  That what has happened before has the effects in our today and for the tomorrow our todays are already shaping the substance that will be a yesterday for someone.

One cannot see the connectedness unless the basis of each and their ultimate function depends on them being what and where they are.  And the what could be anywhere and their where can be anywhere.

We must remember how we connect and why.  Children have no problem with connections since their sources are similarly differential and have been accepted. They are blessedly blind to differences.

Our behavior is determined by conscience.  Problematical prejudicial  for some  but especially for those elected to serve in positions of power lately,  needing fusion of  collapsed spines with steel.  Wars only create more heartburn but who will redeem us when we trash our souls?


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