Emmanuel, Emmanuel. . . God Within. . . . Us. . .


It was 1941 and I was ten and warned every time I went out that God was watching me.  And seeing me pick up a nickel from the wooden church floor and go across the street to buy a coveted pack of Walnettos.  Word followed me home of course and I was punished.

Why was I watched but not 6 million cries for help heard?  I asked.

How can one man with one idea ruin a world and a whole world of praying men cannot save it?  And I was punished for that too because we were Polish and Hitler had overrun Poland and our relatives turned in friends and family there to avoid being killed for concealing those who were Jews.

No one was asking out loud that question.  Not the Polish priest of the church and not my mother and father gods.   So I ask again what I asked when I was ten.  How can one man with one idea ruin a world and a whole world of praying men cannot save it?

And the reason is that the one man had himself and his idea to work on all men who adopted his idea and worked the power in themselves and the praying men depended on an outside god to do their work and not themselves.  Simple and as complicated as that.

Emmanuel!  Emmanuel!  Biblical.  It essentially means ‘god within.’  We were told that and we knew it.  We knew and yet we chose not to remember.

Jon Meacham on the Morning Joe program in March talked of  man’s better angels and initial work of the church to keep primary man’s first job which was to journey back to where he came from, which is our heavenly home.  Give thought world, give thought.   It was the Augustinian journey talked of through the ages.

I do not say man holds the final sparklers because we as the All That Is, are becoming.  I do say that Within Man is the Divine Spirit which waits for man to wake up and acknowledge that only he can bring justice and do good to this world. That only by realizing what he can become can the steps in evolution accelerate and Mankind, humanity’s condition, be enhanced.

As AA preaches, There No Spot Where God Is Not. . . .That includes the Divine Within the heart of man.  We are the life force, the intelligence undergirding in various degrees these universes.  And worlds throughout are watching this classroom.   If anything is not done to correct the injustices  or the inequities, it is not done because we do nothing.

Doing nothing because of fear or because we are benefiting from them.  So we are the cause and the cure.

I asked at ten and cried and nearing a hundred, ask again.



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