Conduit For Good. . . .

Conduit For Good. . . .

We have all heard go back to where you came from  in the past weeks and have been hurt and scarred and taken umbrage with the phrase.   For me, being where I am in life, I say, Sir,  we all go back to where we came from eventually.

Today being Sunday, a large portion of the world will be in different houses of worship.  And in our minds is the final appointment we all keep and it will be a similar place we meet.  In what condition we arrive will depend on the route we travel.

Some of us today will meet  in cathedrals, some in abandoned stores, some in plain houses and some in a corner where we hope for quiet to think.  We kneel, we stand, but we all lift our faces to our Source from where we come.  Our Source is cosmic, Sir.

I, at the end of my life hope that I have been a conduit for good.  Uppermost in my life I have tried to fulfill what I saw to do and hope that I have.  I have been conscious of commitments of obligation and love.  My Teachers have stressed their lessons of do what is directly in front of you with the adage of what good to save the world when your own house is falling apart.

That does not give awards to hang on your walls but they do hang on your heart.  And one also has the gratitude of the hospitals, the police, the civic halls of justice, the remedial teachers and social workers and all those who play hammock to catch the fallout when we neglect what is our responsibility.

Besides the gratitude of our children who need the presence of a parent or grandparent or someone waiting for them to come home.  Welcoming arms are a blessed gift to coming home.

This conduit for good doesn’t buy exotic trips, 5 star hotels, red carpet treatment in countries with laundered monies to buy decadent favors, but we teach values such as respect for family and neighbors and life in various forms.  We teach how to be careful of rituals where cultures have strived for centuries to survive, but mostly we have loved one another and held life sacred.

Because what comes out the front door of homes (not houses) where children are raised and taught in love will determine what happens on world stages.  It is a small world after all.  And the devices have become deadly.

It is a simple thing to be a conduit for good.  It starts with thought to do the kind and decent thing now.  We all can do that.  You find loving the hard thing to do?  Fake it till you make it was the phrase when I was growing up.  It works.  But conduit for good?   Starts right now.

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  1. Thank you, thank you Veronica. Our world today is a scary place when I hear the people who have the power, now, speak. So, my responsibility is to not be a hammock, and I should strive to be a conduit for, if not good, then not nastiness. I shall earnestly try!
    Love, Pat

  2. This should be as easy as it is simple Veronica. And I think it can be when we are our true selves and honest. it’s better than any church sermon I’ve ever heard.

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