The Gate Opens



I wrote ( journal 1985) that what is visible is visible and also what is visible can be chosen not to be seen.  The depth of perception depends on our courage and capacity to deal with impending events.

But only as we observe and have knowledge that life is never ending, is everlasting and the challenge is in the journey, no matter what worlds we inhabit, destiny is ours to write.  What happens in the world we inhabit is but a reflection of the greater worlds and in greater degree elsewhere.

Unless words find a bed in us, like everlasting and forever come alive,  we simply walk a death path and cannot give houseroom to what our actions by omission and commission work upon life.

We repeat the cycle with a difference now.  Circumstances will not be as favorable nor the planet as hospitable as it has been.  But mistakes will have familiar names and our mistakes will have our names attached.

As children we are taught that unless it can be measured in a laboratory it isn’t real.  Yet when we dismiss a vivid experience which changes us, we cheat ourselves  when we say it isn’t real.  And when our slights or mistakes are not noticed we dismiss those with a who cares?

When we discount a larger reality that physical life cannot include with its linear measure,  we are as a non entity but still responsible for our actions.  We close a door that has given us a glimpse to this larger reality from the Divine Within.

There are connections between us and our material world.  Perspectives are unique, we construct our own realities and connect by shared principles.  When we see those connections, we will be able to see the connections between the visible and invisible worlds.  And speak of them.

What we struggle with in our country, other countries also struggle.  Just as the injustices are rampant here, Russia has jailed 1400 persons for demanding justice in municipal government.  Hongkong is in turmoil as is the United Kingdom.

The Universes also tremble.  They reflect what happens on our hearths.  Strange to our thinking, but here again familiar to those whose eyes and hearts are open.  Where is safe?  Your head?  Your heart?

There is an overriding good that belies the insignificant. The invisible good overshadows all.  There is that so good in All that includes us, that nothing is impossible to us.  I said long ago , or maybe yesterday in quantum, man is basically good because man has Divine Within.  We can enhance life in all Universes.

Because as the boy child said of the Blue Cloths, we are watch-ed.  We are watch-ed.


photo by Joe Hallissey Sr.

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