We Teach What We Are. . .

The reasons are many for the ways of this world. It is not to see what difference we make in outward matters but what difference we can make within ourselves.  Do we see where our soft spots are, places we see needing change and where to begin?   What is wrought within are reasons for real changes in the world.

As a nation we struggle this time with behavior fraught with injury to all of us.  We wonder what to do as people who love what we have stood for since our country’s beginning.  We want to do what is right and guard our heritage well.

Do we contribute to what is going on?  How can I change how I think, what to think and what do I wish to make better about me?  Conflicts will arise in all of us time after time because of our cultures and the streets on which we live.  I may be at peace but it does no good for my neighbors who must work on peace within themselves.

Is this all I can do?  Is there not something I wish to become that will enhance my thinking and knowledge?  And be a role model for someone who would desire to work on themselves to broaden their thinking.

We are told that what we do for one, we do for all.  Meaning that what is done for good will eventually be done for everyone’s good and by everyone.  Evolution takes one step at a time and the footwork is mandatory.  We must do all the steps in the procedures for the next step to be taken.  Otherwise we stumble.

Anything done for our betterment will be lasting, for that good then we spread to others.  Anything done with half a heart may be utilitarian but the lasting good will not be as evident.   Band-aid measures are like half a tank of gas on a desert road.

This classroom, and all of us in it, are all purposeful for earth life.  We all are god participants and changes can be wrought in us and be everlasting.   But to improve the quality of thought, the ongoing progress of evolutionary leaps that benefit and nourish the psyche of mankind is the kind of work done on the knees in the solitude of who we are.  When those times enrich our souls, they will benefit and enrich all Others in time.

When our cup runs over, the overflow is felt throughout the kingdom.   Since we all teach what we know, the question asked is what are we teaching?  We must think it through.


photo by John S. Hallissey


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