We Are In Need, sorely. . .

We Lift Our Heads. . .

We lift our heads as we face
our Source and give thanks to these gifts
beginning our day;
a body without pain and a mind
clear and receptive;

a heart that beats steadily and ears
that hear clearly.
For these gifts we are grateful.

Open us and allow not one bird
to miss our thank you for his song
and allow not the breeze to be
without gratitude for its breath.

Take this day and use us for Thy purpose,
for we will be at a loss
when time in space cannot be breached
by thought and the abyss
cannot be spanned by a leap.
Let our thoughts be more than a footnote
in the story of this day and our lives

lived with compassion, for we are all in need sorely. . . .all. . .

Amen and amen.


2 responses to “We Are In Need, sorely. . .”

  1. Thank you sharing this prayer. I end each day with this prayer of gratitude:

    Thank you for being a part of my life,
    Surrounding me with your care and guidance.
    Help me always to hear, that I may listen and follow.
    I’m grateful for all in my life.
    I’m grateful for all today brought to my life.
    I’m grateful for my health, my joy of life, my happiness
    And the chance to share it with those I meet each day.

    • My teachers wonder John, where my friends come from! Thank you for sharing. . . and being friend. . .

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