We Take One Step. . . the most difficult. . . .


A moral choice. . . .the long view. . . .

Those of us who dream, have those dreams we hold tightly.  And know there has never been time enough for those dreams to be fulfilled.  We have made commitments and the needs of those commitments take precedence for whatever humane reason.  These commitments take the energy from those dreams and apply it to their cause.

So the girl who wished to write became the mother of children she taught to write.  And the girl who cooked for her brothers with creativity has children who benefit from that creativity.  She teaches them to use their minds, their hands, in fields and in all weather, the glory of creation.

We are that step ahead because we see progeny encompassing what conscience insisted doing.  And they see where commitments made take a portion of dreams dreamed, yet moral choices must be made if worlds are to benefit and progress.  Moral choices are a long view.

Is it failure and giving up?  No, I think realistic.  Genetically deriving their creative heritage, children commit themselves with decision to their own causes and these causes where humans are involved, especially when they have made them, or they rest responsibly on their shoulders, because of even broader commitments.

By their dailiness they will learn even greater things than the world hands out with its glitterati and kudos.  The awards will hang on their hearts and not on walls.  Those intrinsic values not learned by television, not uttered from another human mouth, they learn early that their hearts teach in ways
the world

Also learned early that what is not finished here is finished elsewhere.  This is the long view, is beyond earth life, whether genetically impregnated or morally ensconced or simply a dream hanging on to their soul stuffs.  We will be equal to those dreams of noble quality because they demand dreamers of noble quality.

This is the groundwork, needing footwork.  And when comes time for another world, another birthing, another change in the long view, it will be time for another commitment.  And other worlds benefit from the dreamer’s dream.

For too long this world has been thought to be the only world.  It is long past time to view our species as best with differences being not as good as us.  The neighbor praying differently and we who hold diverse thoughts all come dragging feet and open heads from valid worlds.

Death is in our common future.  Acceptance, tolerance, forbearance, and above all love should be alive in our humane repertoire.   Lest we deliver ourselves to another round of linear Earth life without the comforts we think earned.

We kick start the stagnant evolutionary wheel because we are one within All That Is.   Now.



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