Children Carry The Light. . .


When Maria Wulf of showed the paintings of Blue, I saw Blue’s particular bent added to this art form.  I had one of her works for granddaughter Jessie and wondered when Maria talked of my writing to Blue what would be her thinking.  Her response was that I came to bring a message.

The painting is now framed.  It is where I can see it from the computer and I love it.  Blue called me Star Seed.  I feel that way.  And my message?  For those who have followed my work you know the theme runs throughout my work.  Teach the Children.  Love the children.  Be the example you wished you had had.  And love their differences.

Don’t step on the children, not on their hearts and their heads, and not on their questions.  Listen carefully to them and if you are a safe one in their lives, you will be told of things you have long wondered.

It is not a perfect world and too many parents are still emotionally adolescent.  Too often the children bear the strife of the parents needing to grow up.  A grown up parent wants a better world for their children.  And they take pride in the growing knowledge of their progeny.  It is with surety then we transfer the wand to those in our keep.

And they will carry the light into a better world.  Perhaps even a more sane one.


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  1. Such a simple truth, yet it seems for so many so hard to do. I’ll make sure Blue sees this. I know she’ll appreciate your message.

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