Welcome Nora Claire ! . . . to our World. . .

My prayer . . . we welcome Nora Claire to this world.  Welcome her in thought.  Deluge the sisters in harmony so that their lives will sing in delight their variations.

Songs will be different but the love sustaining will be profuse.  I wish that every newborn would be welcomed in joy and  abundant love.  And would have untiring help in their guidance.

Such an utopia I would create with all worlds, no matter their kind or kin.  Dream with me for the power resides to dream and create in all of us.

It is not in my memory bank that anyone I know has had such a birthday gift!  Nora Claire was born on this Grandmother Great’s birthday, Monday. . .May 25th 2020.  Emma E. is not only a firstborn in her family, but now is a sister to Nora.   Her resume, along with her talents grows,  as Nora begins her stint in this classroom.

It will be a merry chase for these parents I think.   Like many of us who take this corona crisis seriously,  they have been in lockdown for the past two months.  Begins now another phase with everyone called to the floor.  Emma E. has learned words a 2 year old has not had to learn before.  Words like likedown, shelter in place and face masks and orders like we have to stay at home every 2 year old knows now.

But we are fortunate that in this world crisis,  we still find life generous and loving.  That we will contribute to keeping it generous for the newborns as well as we can.  We want each and every soul desiring space to find life good in every dimension.

So we welcome our Nora to the clan and keep her in the light.  She is an on schedule baby so her vitals are normal and good.  And we hope that the sisters will find their lives together to be double their pleasures.  (And. . . .quietly now. . . .  the parents find the two of them only half the trouble. . )


photos by Harrison and Merideth  Hallissey


5 responses to “Welcome Nora Claire ! . . . to our World. . .”

  1. What a wonderful welcome! We are over the moon and full of so much love. Nora is settling right in to the family.

    As a younger sibling she will get used to sharing, so nice the first thing she shares is a birthday with her Grandma Great.

    Lots of love, Nora, Harrison and Merideth

  2. Email from Suzanne Tate. . . . Huge Congrats to you and your family on the arrival of Nora! She certainly chose to arrive in auspicious times. And a happy belated birthday to you, Veronica. Given the gift you received, I know it was a wonderful day for you. Blessings . . .

  3. Email from Maria. . . . Hey Veronica, Another lucky little girl to be born into our world. Keeping the evolution evolving. Maria

  4. Email from Jane Mc. . . Look at all of her hair!! Nora Claire is just beautiful!! and what a fun addition to your family!! Congratulations!! with love, jane

  5. Email from Carol. . . .The new baby is beautiful. Look at that head of hair!
    As Lori said the parents got to take her home right away this time.
    She is a blessing,

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