We Build On Words. . . .

 I have not been much of a television watcher but in retrospect I realize more people than not were.  Not only watchers but some inadvertently imitators.  Young girls mimicked teen agers with inflections and tones and even lilting questions at the end of sentences.  Not knowing nuances but inflections their phrasings created.

Immature emotions in adult bodies were suggesting behaviors to others and I witless knew nothing except words which told me meanings learned with root honesty.  I took words as they meant to me with no sophistication. 

Sophistication is easily learned and ten year olds do so readily.  Words and action intertwine easily in free society and become reality with a foreign substance.  Television as well as the written word took on boldness which gave license to sensual behavior adopted by the young and old alike.  It was called freedom from Victorian strictures but what it also did was put licentious behavior into the realm of normal. 

Even the so called adults were greedily grabbing at what they thought the young were freely given what they had not.  To view what we highly thought of elder role models suddenly becoming teen agers in acting out fantasies became doubly difficult. 

Not only having no role models show what proper public behavior should be but also needing society to change perception as to accepting that improper behavior as okay in the so called role models themselves.  Difficult?  How to have the young with little experience know when what we say is not demonstrated by what we do?

To have those in high office exploit the young or take advantage of the less educated to the sophisticated ways of those who today are knowingly playing a game is criminal and immoral behavior.  Our conscience should give us no rest. 

Everyone who is manipulated feels they are played the fool.  It goes by the name of PR.  When honest it is building public relations, when not, it is a persuaded response, whatever one tries to sell and it could be ulterior or ‘not good.’

One cannot have a life with meaning when life becomes a game.  It must be taken personally.  Everything must be taken personally.  Otherwise it is a slippery walk through with no meaning.

Verbal Juxtaposition. . . 

I speak the words, hesitantly
and on my pauses
their meaning weighs heavily.

You take my words
and on my pauses your meaning
rests on your totality.

We touch at points,
harvesting our realities

to see how we differ, yet amazing
to see the world we’ve created

moving magnificently.



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