And This Is What He ‘Membered. . .’cause It Is True. . . .


And I heard the young one say,  and I know this true, he said,  that this lady likes to work with blue cloths is ‘cause he said,  that she said this is what heaven is like.   And I want to know he said,   how does she know?  

And I told him that some people just know things,  not guess or they believe,   but they know.   What do you think heaven is like I asked him.   What do you think?  

And he said I ‘membered ‘cause I only 5 fingers old,   and she was right.   What he ‘membered was that the colors of everything was so bright,  even brighter he said than the sun or even,  he said,  the moon in the night sky when everything else is black.  

Then you know,   I said to him,  you know.  

And he said then that there were lots of things he knowed,  but he did not like to say ‘cause other kids said it was baby stuff.   But he knowed,  he said,  he knowed and this lady also knowed he said. 

Do you like the colors she uses, I asked.   And he said this is what he ‘membered and they are true.



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