Truth is Costly. . . when pulled through the heart.

After watching Rachel Maddow last night with her interview with Mary Trump,  I would like them to know of my gratitude and the gratitude and envy of all who watched MSNBC;  viewers like me and their professional colleagues. 

I think Rachel is an excellent teacher and should she teach in some classroom in another world still , I would find my way to her and sign up for every class she teaches.  She sees connections like I do but I am tired of seeing connections for almost a hundred years.

It was an eloquent hour last night with a cost unfathomable.  So much hung in the balance that required high wire steadiness, that even a few moments of banter with Lawrence O’Donnell was too costly as has been her practice.  It is not often our gift to see such professionalism  and I hope the thunderous silence at conclusion, carried the world’s gratitude to the two women.

Rachel’s questions were thoughtful and ones we wanted to ask.  Mary Trump’s answers were answered in the same tenor.  Much was in legal balance and consideration.  There was extreme understatement by Mary in her professionalism as well as familial empathy.  The dynamics in her family situation must have weighed heavily in the writing of this treatise.

What those who have lived long and introverted lives as I have, wondered, what understanding can we bring to our progeny to explain what we have learned simply by living and observing.  And to keep loving those who brought us life for which we are grateful.  Yet, it is a predicament because we see our fateful flaws caused by prejudiced perceptions in our upbringing as well as the careless emotional neglect we experienced.

And we cannot teach what we have not learned.  Love and caring should be the security blanket we are first wrapped in at birth.  And when the mother and father gods fail us, pray that there will be someone at hand who cares enough to love us.  Someone has to do the footwork.

I was proud of my gender again last night.  It was in awe of the tremendous courage for both to do such a professional work that those in their walks were envious.  And should life demand of these colleagues such courage, they hope they would be ready. 

Scholars, both Rachel and Mary,  who showed why dedication to truth is arduous and costly when pulled through the heart.   


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  1. email from Suzanne. . . . .Yes, Veronica, I watched the interview. You have gathered, in this writing, every emotion that I felt. I, too, sat watching with great pride, these two strong, smart women, giving us an unfettered gift of information that is so critical to have.

    Rachel Maddow, all by herself, is a brilliant and formidable soul. She’s like a laser when she focuses on a subject. She has an innate sense of where the real pulp of an issue can be found. She kneads it, forms it, bakes it and presents it to us, we who are starving for good and solid intellectual information.

    What a well-spent hour that was.

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  2. Thank you (belatedly) for this important post. I, too, marveled at this interview — Maddow’s insightful questions and, more to the point, the courageous responses of Mary Trump. It is fascinating that Ms. Trump found the strength to speak truth to power while elected officials from the GOP have utterly failed to do the same. You have often written of the undeniable strength of women (like your mother, and this interview shows us that same strength.

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