Unconditional Love. . you are so worth it. . .


Unconditional Love?. . You are so worth it. . .

In the face of all opposition, and with many noting your lack of courage, you plod along still with what needs doing, whatever that happens to be.  Your knowledge of commitments and placement tie you to immobility and you wonder the outcome on a daily basis.

In sleep you crash heaven’s door and ask how long. . .?  And they say whenever you feel you cannot. . . no one would fault you.  But you know that worlds, just maybe, glimpse your behavior and then you think no way.  No one, not even those in your circle are aware of what goes on.  They are comfortable with things and as long as there is no upset, all systems go.

But worlds watch as the blue boy watches, you wrote.  ‘I watch-ed.  I watch-ed.  And when your lips move, I know you talk to forever friends.’  And the invisible worlds take heart and they see what they can hope for because you keep on keeping on.  Living the substitute life?  The make believe or pretend one? 

The ‘real’ one that has everyone in your circle trying to heal themselves so that the next step can be taken and evolution becomes a fact in meager life.  Meager now but fulfilling in its totality.  And why?

Because you see the larger picture as your Mentor, the Nazarene, said.  You have been seeing the larger picture, the greater one that shows the progress that can lead to peace on earth and a good life.  We assuage the anguish of the ancestors that leads to peaceful existence among men of all nations.

And worlds.  For Beings of all natures.  It is argued that unconditional love is worth little because it demands nothing.  But it is priceless because someone saw a something in me that was beyond what was expected.  It was Divine.  And it sparked a something that I claimed as mine once because I have memory and wanted it again.  And have worked to bring it into my life.

And working for me, I want you to know it also.  Because as I work, I see it in all life.  And once you know it, you cannot but see it everywhere.  And as my Mentor said, when you give me a drink of water,  all will be satiated.  And worlds also.  The ethical potential is inherent in all life.  What is done for one, all will do.

Doing good enhances all life.  Where we are is a beginning.  You are so worth it.


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